Insurance Information

As part of our rental policy, we require that individuals/companies renting equipment have adequate insurance to cover the value of the kit. Some companies may have rented in equipment insurance as part of their main insurance package but we often find that smaller companies and individuals do not have the correct cover. To help with this we have recommended some companies that offer short-term insurance cover for rentals.

Occasionally we take a deposit payment in lieu of insurance on some certain value items, but this would be a full deposit to the value of the equipment. This deposit will be refunded to you as soon as the equipment is returned to us in working order. Any damages would be agreed with you and then deducted from the deposit if applicable.

To help with this we recommend the following companies that offer short-term insurance cover for rentals.

Performance provides both annual and short period policies to those involved in the media industry. You can now get an instant quote and buy your hired-in kit cover online from them, by clicking here.

For longer cover or any queries, give them a call on: 020 8256 4930

They are friendly and happy to help!